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Have you ever made a commitment to yourself then broken it?
Done something that was less than your best?
Made a mess of a relationship?

Most of us have gotten off-track somewhere, somehow and we probably will in the future, too.

But, how do you get back on track?

It’s tempting to think that taking out the sledge hammer of guilt and starting to swing is the first step.

I should have…
Why did I…?
What was I thinking?!

I know how tempting that sledge hammer can be…

Recently I made a commitment to myself to track what I eat.  Some people, I suppose, can eat whatever they like without gaining weight.  I’m not one of them.  I’m trying to lose weight that has crept up on me over the years due to travel, a hiking injury that cramped my exercise style, and using food to deal with fatigue.  And, let’s face it, I just love good food.  Luckily, I’m blessed with a husband who’s a great cook and prepares delicious meals for me every night.

But, I needed to start tracking so I was sure I was eating sensibly.

And then last week (my birthday week by the way!), my sweetheart and I flew off to the magnificent high dessert of Northern New Mexico, Santa Fe and Taos.  I had been tracking religiously.  Then, what with being on the road, visiting friends, having access to some of the most fantastic food in North America and not always being able to access the internet…well not so great.  I berated myself.  How could you not be on top of your food tracking?  Think of all the progress you lost!

Flying home, feeling like an utter failure, I assessed the damage.  I thought back to that first meal at Gabriel’s (outside Santa Fe): a great tamale and guacamole made right at the table, then a delicious blue corn enchilada at the Hacha Grill in Angel Fire.  Just as I was tallying and worrying, my husband, the foodie, started recalling the great meals we had.  As he did, I recalled the seared tuna with greens, the caprese, nicoise and crab salads, and the day I did a lettuce roll up when others made sandwiches.  Not only was all of this stunningly delicious, I had also made some pretty good choices.  In fact, when I weighed-in upon return, I had lost a pound!

For a moment, all I could see was what I hadn’t done right.  With a little perspective, I was able to get right with reality.

Are you making any harsh judgments about yourself?  What are they about?

Is that one typo heckling you even though you’ve created dozens and dozens of insightful, on-time reports that are your hallmark?
Are you rehashing that social faux pasduring a conversation with a colleague or the years you’ve been a valuable support?
Are you worrying over the week you just let your exercise/mediation/yoga practice go by the wayside?

Where have you gotten “off track”?

Wherever it is, take a moment and look back from a broader perspective.  Over time, have you been more “on track” than off?

I’ll bet that the answer is “yes”.   A bit of self-compassion can go a long way toward getting you back on track to the normally great job you do…  Try it and tell me how it goes.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Until next Tuesday.




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  • Donna Culver

    Elizabeth –
    This felt like a soft gentle rain after a long drought. Your timing, as always, is perfect. I will practice self-compassion. I will practice self-compassion. I will practice self-compassion. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

    • elizabeth

      Thanks Donna.

      Of course you can. Giving ourselves a break is a big challenge for those of us with big goals. It’s much harder than pushing ourselves those extra miles!


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