Forbes – Make a ‘Yippee!’ Index to Change Jobs or Careers

Daily Worth – What You Should Know About Changing Careers in Your Forties

BetterBookClub Featured as Book of the Month – Excerpt from “Live Large”

Fast Company Do These 5 Things Now to Still Be Employable in a Decade

The GlassHammer (article): One Simple Step to Bust Out of Your Career Rut

Next Avenue Make a ‘Yippee!’ Index to Change Jobs or Careers

Actionable Books – How to Identify Your Leadership Secret Sauce in Less Than 20 Minutes

Home Business Magazine (article): What to Do When Your Home Based Business Stalls

CFA Institute Magazine – Quoted in Kick-Start article by Lori Pizzani


The Matt Townsend Show (podcast)The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next

Fresh Tracks (podcast) with Kelly Robbins (direct episode link still to come… )

Business Radio X (podcast) with Lee Kantor and Stone Payton

Money for Lunch (podcast) with Bert Martinez

The Kathryn Zox Show – Voice America (podcast)

Caught Between Generations (podcast) with Dr. Merle Griff

Women Taking the Lead (podcast) with Jodi Flynn
Episode 168: Elizabeth Crook on How to Achieve Unconscious Competence

One Simple Thing(podcast) with Dave Kirby
Episode 556: Decisions With No Regrets
Episode 557: Opportunity or Detour?
Episode 558: Making Decisions When Emotions Run High
Episode 559: There are ALWAYS More Options

The YES Effect (podcast) with Shelli Varela
Episode 023: Bigger Smarter Richer with Elizabeth Crook

The Mind Aware Show (podcast) with Dana Wilde
Bigger Smarter Richer with Elizabeth Crook

The Huffington Post & (article): 10 Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 60

Tough Talk Radio (podcast) with Tony Gambone
Workshop Wednesdays – Build a Better Life

Women in Business Radio (podcast) with Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Effective Tools in Business

The Happiness Recipe (podcast) with June Cline & Sandy Weaver Carman
How High is Your Yippee?

Life Reimagined: After TODAY (video) with Jane Pauley

The Cannonball Podcast (podcast) with Sam Davidson
How to Find Work You Love

Better Woman Online (video) with Laurel Staples
What Are the Triple J’s?
How Do You Overcome Fears When Switching Careers or Starting Your Own Business?
How Do You Start Loving the Job You Have?
How to Find a Career That You Love?
How Your Strengths Can Hold You Back?
Finding Your Yippee At Work
Common Pitfalls for Career Changers

Read My Lips with Bonnie D. Graham
Make Your Shift

Debbie Nigro Show (Radio: AM 1230) 

The Mike Schikman Show (Radio: WSVA – AM&FM)

Popoff with Mary Jane Popp (Radio: KAHI-FM)

Experience Pros Radio Show (Radio: BizTalkRadio/KDMT-AM) with Angel Tuccy & Eric Reamer 



Talk of the Town (Live TV appearance)



Life Reimagined
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