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Last week, my team and I were thrilled to learn there were only 200 copies of my book left in the warehouse. The publisher suggested a reprint.

But when we looked at our numbers, we realized one of our outlets had discounted the book so much (and we get paid based on the sales price) that the more they sell, the more we lose.

How could this be?

The anger set in, and it was mostly at myself. Where had I dropped the ball? What questions had I failed to ask? How could I have been so… stupid, careless, ignorant (the list goes on)?

My wise team said, “Hold on a minute. Let’s look at all the factors that you couldn’t have anticipated.”

They were right. The decision I’d made was actually the best I could have made under the circumstances.

Taking responsibility for negative outcomes is what mature adults do, and when there is a negative outcome, we are often all too ready to step up and blame ourselves– even when we shouldn’t.

This week, if something goes wrong, notice if you blame yourself. If it’s your fault, own it. But if it’s not, refuse to embrace the self-doubt and criticism. Then use your energy to deal with the current situation.

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