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Right now a dove’s nest is balanced precariously atop a light in my carport.  For days the mother dove never left the nest – at least I never saw the nest without her.  And, even though I checked several times a day, I never caught a glimpse of her newly hatched babies.

But yesterday, to my surprise, I saw the heads of two plump little chicks already covered in brown feathers.  (Though the mother returns for feedings, she’s gone most of the day now.)  Today I watched the chicks preening their feathers – chest, back, and wings, up top and underneath.  At noon they stretched and flapped their wings, moving cautiously around the nest.  They are getting ready to fly.

Watching them, I considered how important it is for us to take our next big steps.  Getting prepared to do it is a huge part of what makes us successful.  How do you prepare?

Do you:

  • Announce what you intend to do so that you can create pressure on yourself?
  • Prepare and prepare some more, feeling like you can never be prepared enough?
  • Leap without preparation so you can secretly claim, “I wasn’t really trying”?
  • Leap while no one is looking so you won’t embarrass yourself?
  • Wait for someone to push you?

There is no one right or wrong way to approach new situations and challenges.  And yet, if we always approach them in the same way, we may be missing out.

Try this:

  • If you always talk about what you are going to do but then fall short of actually doing it, act first, then tell people.
  • If you tend not to tell anyone your plans in order not to be held accountable, write your goals in an email to a friend or coworker.
  • If you always prepare (and yes sometimes over prepare), try going for it before you feel absolutely ready.
  • If you always just “go for it,” slow down and prepare.  Going for it to avoid taking responsibility for results isn’t actually bold, it’s fearful.
  • If you tend to wait for someone else to make the first move, make it yourself this time, so that you can feel the push of your own initiative.

Living Large challenges us to not only try new things, but to try new things in new ways.  Experiment this week and let me know what you discover.

Until next Tuesday,


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