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Are you mid career and wondering what’s next?  Or even if you have a next?

Do you think you should either stick with what you’ve got or make the leap now?

Does the voice in your head say…

I need to take action, it’s going to be too late?

Does that voice say…

I should stick with what I’ve started, I’ve invested in this career, this company, and I’m not even confident there IS something else for me, and that I can compete in today’s market.

Yes/no, right/wrong, up/down, one way or the other, black or white.

In or Out.  Fish or cut bait!

I know, it’s tempting to be decisive.  To be “all in”.  We think and act in absolutes.  We criticize ourselves for being wishy washy.

Yet, there are times when the smartest decision is to be “in between”.  For those of us who leap, sometimes it’s best to slow down and gather information.  If you are putting off making a decision, it may mean that the best decision you can make right now is to explore…

Before you decide to leap or to resign yourself to being stuck, DO THIS FIRST.

  • Identify activities that energize you.

  • List the characteristics you want in your work life – be on a team, work alone, be the boss, travel and so on.


  • Consider the percentage of time you spend doing energizing activities.

  • Compare the characteristics of your current work situation to your ideal.

Knowing WHERE your dissatisfaction is and seeing the gap between where you are and where you want to be will give you clarity.

Then…you will be closer to a decision and an action.

Until next Tuesday.  YIPPEE!


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