In Uncategorized, What's Holding You Back?

Do you remember the excitement of getting your first job?

Someone was giving you responsibility!  And they were going to pay you!

Time passed.  You got better.  You were no longer “the new kid on the block”.  What a relief…

Watch out:
That relief and sense of accomplishment can become a trap.

This week in my podcast with Dave Kirby, he told us about a man who’d spent his life running a car-repair garage (I’ll let you know when this incredibly inspiring interview is released).  When he finally retired, the man admitted: “I hated working on cars, but it was the first job I had, so I figured I was stuck”.

Do feel stuck in your industry and the role you are playing there?

Do you find yourself saying:

  • I’m afraid to leave what I know and start over.
  • I’m not confident there’s anything else.
  • I don’t even know what I want to do.

Fear, doubt and lack of confidence trap us in situations that no longer serve us.  But worse . . . they trap YOUR TALENTS.

The world needs you.  The world deserves your special qualities.

Don’t know what those are?

What makes you special is often whatever comes easily to YOU.  Because of that, it won’t seem that special, and that’s why you might be overlooking your own talents.  You may think your talent to organize people, develop a plan, implement ideas, coordinate details, be persuasive, design space, manage conflict, show compassion comes easily for everyone.  It doesn’t.

Take this week’s Yippee challenge and find the natural talents that can propel you out of any stuck place.  Here’s how:

  1. List the activities you enjoyed when you were young:
  2. Name 3 types of activities you enjoy doing today:
  3. Ask 5 people who know you what talents or special qualities you have:

In the comments below, tell me what you discovered!

Until next Tuesday. YIPPEE!




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  • Wendy Merron

    Hi Elizabeth, great post. It’s so easy to stay in a comfortable place, even though we know it’s not the right thing for us. I stayed in the financial world for over ten years, even though it was a miserable fit.

    You are a blessing to so many people. Keep up the great work!

    • elizabeth

      Thanks Wendy for your comment.

      Please tell me what kept you in the financial world AND what allowed you to break free!


      • Wendy Merron

        Hi Elizabeth, the truth is that FEAR kept me where I was. Fears and worries about money first. I was making a great salary and had 5 weeks paid vacation too.

        I ultimately left the financial field to become a stay-at-home mom, but those pesky fears showed up again when I was getting divorced.

        I’ve always loved anything to do with the mind and thoughts, but there was no way to make a living with something I was interested in.

        One day I was watching the news and noticed that a full-time certified hypnotherapist was being interviewed.

        “Holy cow!” I thought. “That’s what I’m going to do!”

        I already knew how to do hypnosis and I’ve been helping people for decades using the same tools.

        So…I got myself certified and started my practice the day after I graduated.

        I’ve never looked back!

        • elizabeth

          Thanks Wendy for sharing your story.

          Anybody else out there with a story of who they “broke out”? Let us know.


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