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Does this story sound familiar?

Once upon a time… I took a job that I loved. I believed in the company. I believed in the work. I made some great friends on the job.  Now, something has changed.

As time passes the things that you loved about the job start to seem intolerable. You feel unmotivated. You don’t feel as excited to talk about your work with friends and family.

Perhaps you find that you don’t enjoy doing the same work you once did (who would after you spend 8+ hours a day doing the same thing). Or maybe you find that most of your time is doing work that you really just don’t enjoy. There are many reasons why we fall out of love with our work.

In the highly practical video series, How to Love the Job You Hate, you will be lead by your personal YIPPEE Guide, Elizabeth Crook, in self exploratory exercises that will  help you rediscover what brings you joy at work, what really makes you happy in your job. After this discovery process, your YIPPEE Guide will walk you through how to identify the value you bring to your company. You can then decide whether to make the case for change within your organization or decide to explore other opportunities. In the third and final video of the series, your YIPPEE Guide offers insightful advice on how best to make the case for change with your employer.

Take a moment and imagine a day when you wake up excited to see what the day will bring, excited about the work ahead, excited about doing your work. This excitement is closer than you think.

Sign up for the How to Love the Job You Hate Video series and get back to being excited about your work.


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