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compiled by Heidi Hartman, Discover Your YIPPEE’s Momentum Manager

Decisions can come in all forms. When facing your next decision, consider utilizing these 5 tools to help you make the best decision possible for YOU.

    It is easy to default to a cost/benefit analysis when making a decision and considering your bottom line. But to really get to know your bottom line, you must TUNE IN & LISTEN: What do YOU really want and why?

    Everyone is different, but as long as you are clear on what YOU want, there will be no regrets. It is a waste of your precious time, energy and creativity to live in the land of regret. Don’t trip over opportunities on the path to your future because you are looking backwards. Get clear about YOUR bottom line. Make the decision and don’t look back. <Read more>

    Your time, energy and focus are precious resources. Make sure when you use them they are taking you where you want to go. Ask yourself these 5 key questions to know if it will help move you forward or take you off track: (1) What goals am I striving for? (2) How will this help me reach my goals? (3) What will I have to give up to pursue this? (4) What is the real payoff of doing it? (5) What is the payoff of NOT doing it? <Read more>

    When looking at a big decision, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the emotions we attach to it. Recognizing and feeling the feelings is a necessary part of the process and it is easy to get stuck in this storm of emotions. We must remember to face into the storm and keep walking. You WILL get through it faster. When facing into the storm, remember to separate the emotional story from the factual one. <Read more>

  4. IDENTIFY ALL YOUR OPTIONS (you have more choices than you think!)
    If you feel you have no choice or limited options in your decision, you will pick what’s in front of you, even if all options are less than ideal. Before you make a poor decision: PAUSE and CREATE MORE OPTIONS.

    Spend 3-5 minutes writing down* as many new options as possible. (Go wild! Don’t edit or judge – just go for it!) Don’t limit your creativity and imagination by judging your ideas too soon.

    *Hint: We like to brainstorm ideas on sticky notes so we can move them around and play with combinations. <Read more>

    When faced with a challenge or decision that stops you in your tracks, leaving you staring into the water and unable to jump, take a moment to imagine you have already made the leap. How do you feel? Let that feeling run through you, immerse yourself in it. Imagine for each of your top options that you have made the decision. When you experience “YIPPEE!” then you will know the path to take. <Read more>

Let us know what decisions you are facing and how these tools help you to understand the best choice for you!

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