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“You have to do what you love to do, not get stuck in that comfort zone of a regular job.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  This is it.”  – Lucinda Bassett, motivational speaker

Do you have more than one job?

If you are working and also looking for work that will make you say Yippee, the answer is YES.

I have more than one job and sometimes it seems like one too many.

My work as a strategist with entrepreneurs makes me say Yippee.  Starting with a new client is like opening a new book: exciting, intriguing.   It calls for imagination, creativity.  Working with existing clients is a different kind of adventure, equally as satisfying.  As my relationship with the CEO and his or her team deepens, we get to be more daring, intuitive, we stretch ourselves in ways we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning.

My other job is building Discover Your YIPPEE – working on the book, creating the webinars, getting the word out in the media about this incredible process I’ve developed to find work you truly love.  Working in that quest is exciting.  But, building the platform isn’t – to me at least.  So sometimes I don’t show up for thatwork.  Even though that’s the work that has the largest potential to change the world.

Why do I get pulled off track from something that’s so important to me?

For one thing, I get paid now for consulting (the rewards are close at hand).  The rewards from the book and the webinars are further in the future.  I also tell myself I’m not letting anyone down if I don’t get around to doing it

When you think about discovering work that will make YOU say YIPPEE, does it take second, third or fourth place to your “real job”?   Do you treat it as something you’ll do when you have time? 

And what about the whole myth that you’re not letting anyone down…

If I don’t get the message out about how people can find work they love, then I will let down those who may have lost hope or believe it isn’t possible.  And if they, YOU!,  don’t find what makes you want to say YIPPEE, the world will miss out on having you contribute what you are meant to contribute.

So… how do we (that’s you and me!) stay on track?  Here are just three quick steps to making sure what you love isn’t playing second fiddle:

  1. Treat it as a priority.  “Once we pinpoint ideas, we need to do something decidedly not passionate: schedule time in our calendars to come up with our plan to get there,” Deirdre Maloney president of Momentum told Business News Daily a couple of weeks ago.  So… give your yippee job the calendar time it deserves.  Create blocks of time every week and spend 30 – 90 minutes at a time working on that “other job” – the one that will free you to say Yippee.
  2. Recognize that doing work you love doesn’t mean you will love every task.  With any job or business, you often need to do things you wouldn’t choose to do.  Do you still do it?  YES!  Use step three to help you get motivated.
  3. Inspire yourself:  Make a list of people who are doing what they love and keep it where you can see it so you remember that YES! – it can happen!  If they can do it, so can I.  Then make a list of all the things you hope to achieve by doing what you love.  These can be anything as grand as:  Change the world to wake up to my own alarm and set my own hours…Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.

I’m getting out my calendar and blocking out time this week.  Are you?

And don’t forget:  You are letting someone down if you don’t do it, you are letting down the most important person of all:  yourself.   So join me in 30-90 minute chunks of time this week to focus on what gives you bliss…
Let me know how it goes.  See you next Tuesday!



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