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“Not to decide is to decide.”  – Harvey Cox, Harvard Theologian

Both parties are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours trying to get you to vote.   Yet in spite of their efforts, less than half of voting-age Americans head to the polls (!)  They’re afraid their vote won’t make a difference, they forgot to register, they don’t like any of the choices.

But choosing gives you power.

Every day you have a chance to vote — on your own future.

In politics, if you don’t vote you can’t complain.  And, you also can’t make a difference.

The same is true in life.  In order to make a change, you have to take action in the present.  Today is your day to vote — for yourself!

Today you can elect to continue to do nothing about a job that drains you.
Today you can elect to get up off the couch, step out of that cubicle.
Today you can elect to re-do your resume.
Today you can elect to make contact with potential employers or people who can help you with introductions.
Today you can affirm that you are WORTH having a job that fulfills you.
Today you can ask one person how they started out on the road to finding a job they love.
Today you can say no to one task that you hate.
Today you can say yes to one project you have been putting off for months.
Today you can elect to make your life the life you have always wanted to live.

You can cast TWO votes today.  First go to the polls and vote for the President.  Second, vote for your future.  Make a choice, take action.

The right to vote and make choices about what we want in our career are privileges a lot of us have had for only a short time.  And it’s only because of the courage of people who came before, that we are able to make a choice about our future today.

So vote for yourself!!!

Let me know what vote you made for yourself.  See you next Tuesday – Yippee!



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