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Are you feeling bored?  Do you want work that interests you?

I have worked with lots of people who say:

  • I’m bored with what I do.
  • I’ve lost interest in ____.
  • I’ve always done the same thing; I don’t know where to begin looking for something I’d love to do.

If you’re one of those people, pay attention!

My father was a small town pediatrician.  When I was a teenager I was “mortified” when my father would strike up a conversation with just any old mother and child.  Cooing and engaging with the child, he’d asked the mother questions, delighting with her over the developmental milestones her adorable child had achieved.  On a family trip to France, he interviewed the taxi driver about the health of his children, how often they needed a doctor and whether it was affordable.

My father saw parents and children.  He was relentlessly curious about them.  He read about them, sought them out and listened to their experiences, whether in his clinic or standing in line at the grocery store.

Part of discovering work that will make you say YIPPEE is paying attention to what you pay attention to.

My father “saw” parents and children.  What do you see?

For the next week NOTICE and NOTE the following:

  • What websites do you visit?  Bookmark them for the week.
  • What magazines are you drawn to?  Are you more drawn to design or people?  Nature or cooking?  What do you love?
  • What conversations do you tune into?  When standing around at a cocktail party or in line for tickets to a movie, are you interested in talks about finance?  About politics?  What draws you in?

You might think that these things are not important, they are simply hobbies or ways of passing time, and they may be.  OR, they may be clues.  Actually paying attention to what you pay attention to is your road map to a final Yippee.  Next week, in Part II, we’ll talk about the processes to getting you there.  So, let me know what you discover!  See you next Tuesday.  Yippee!



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