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Growing up in the hot South, I spent hours at the swimming pool.  I learned to dive from the side of the pool and soon graduated to the “low board”.  In those days before concerns about legal liability brought it to an end, there was a “high diving board” at the pool, some ten or more feet above the water.

I remember going up the high board for the first time when I was six or seven.  I went to the end of the board and looked over, but couldn’t take the plunge.  I felt time had stopped, that every one was looking at me waiting for something to happen.  Someone shouted, “Jump”, but I didn’t.  I ignominiously climbed back down the ladder.

I never climbed down the ladder again.  Yet it took a few more times staring hesitantly into the water before making the leap.  Soon I was running and jumping, delighted and unafraid.  Of course diving off the board was the next challenge and once again I hesitated on the end of board, but not as long or as fearfully and soon was going head first.

Now I have a new challenge before me and I find myself  “staring” into the water, unable to “jump”.

Do you know that feeling?  It could be creating a new resume, asking for a raise, volunteering to handle a high profile project, or following up with a valuable contact.

What will it take to get you to “jump”?

  • Imagine you have “jumped”, actually done the thing you’ve been putting off… Yippee.  How do you feel?   Let that feeling run through you, immerse yourself in it.
  • It’s likely that whatever you’re postponing, isn’t “all or nothing” like jumping or not jumping from the high board.   Ask yourself, what are three small steps I can take?
  • Write on your calendar when you will take each of the three steps.


Let me know how it goes.  See you next Tuesday.



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