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Is getting to your YIPPEE worth dealing with your YIKES?

Last week I went to New York to meet media producers so I can begin publicizing my upcoming book Discover Your YIPPEE , about how to find work you love.

For over two decades I’ve been helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and I have a high yippee index in my own work, but I am a total beginner at pitching media.  I was anxious, afraid of failing and feeling inadequate.  YIKES?  This is one of those times that it might have been easier to crawl back in bed and go back to yesterday where you weren’t starting something new and didn’t feel like a umm, well: a total ass.

There’s a phrase I use for that voice in your head that casts doubt at times like this:

The Triple J’s – Judge, Jury and Jailer.

The Triple J’s literally condemn you then “lock you up” with your fears.  These fears convince you that, not only are you definitely NOT up to the challenge, but your goal may not really be that important.

Have you ever been driving on a highway where your car goes downhill without you even touching the accelerator?  You see caution signs for trucks because anything that heavy can build so much momentum it goes completely out of control. Luckily there are these uphill run-away ramps that  slow the truck down so the driver can regain control.

Listen Up: The Triple J’s is that runaway truck.  Runaway truck lane

And you’ve got to build a runaway ramp so you can stop it before it takes you off the road and lands you in a ditch.

How in the world do you build a runaway ramp?

You Ask Questions

Asking questions forces you to slow down, take a breath and think clearly so you can increase your YIPPEE even more.  Here are four questions you can ask yourself right now to stop any runaway Triple J’s in your life:

  1. What am I trying to accomplish?  Or what is the outcome I want to achieve?  For me: I want to get my book out into the world.
  2. What am I afraid of?  I don’t want to feel overwhelmed, or stupid, or not good at doing media.  Maybe I don’t have enough “stuff”.  Maybe I’m too old. I could go on and on here. I have a very energetic Triple J, but you get the picture.
  3.  Do I have resources (both internal and external) to help me?  Yes!  I will have to ask for help.  I will have to gain some new skills and experience.  I will have to be willing to be less than expert for a little while.
  4.  Is getting to the YIPPEE worth dealing with the YIKES?  You better believe it!  Will the Triple J’s be there along the way?  Of course.  And I (and you) have tools for dealing with it.

Asking these four questions when you get stuck is a powerful tool for keeping your Triple J’s from running away with your ideas and dreams. If you meet with a runaway Triple J, try to ask these four questions and then write me and tell me how it worked for you!

Good luck! Can’t wait to see you next time,


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