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Hey there!

After spending twenty years helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and individuals say Yippee about the work they do, I’ve decided to go virtual….

Welcome to the Discover Your YIPPEE Blog Launch, where everyone from Gen Y to Gen X to Boomers can find practical, fun, fresh tips  on how to find work you love, whether its discovering the juicy in the job you already have or finally getting the support you need to strike out onto a new path

According to recent statistics, 84 percent of Americans hate their job – but you don’t have to!  The Discover Your YIPPEE Blog is here to help!

You might be saying, Elizabeth, I don’t know if I have it in me to say Yippee about the work I do… And, let me tell you: I know the feeling, I’ve been there myself, but really you do!

When I work with people one-on-one, I take a big flip chart and while they are telling me their stories, I write down all the wonderful characteristics that come out about themselves.  As I write, I say, “Tell me when you see the first lie”.

Now here is the interesting thing. No one has ever stopped me. And yet when I turn around, I often see tears standing in their eyes.  When I ask what the tears are about, the person replies..

“I didn’t realize how many good things there are about me”

“I never think of myself that way”

“How do you know these things?”

“Are you sure that’s really me?

“I feel a little embarrassed, no one has ever said those things before”.

When someone else is willing to listen to our stories and can help mirror back to us who we really are, we sit in awe, wonder and recognition that YES – that IS who I am!

That’s why I hope the Discover Your YIPPEE blog will be interactive.  I will pass you exercises and suggestions so that you can start to see how many wonderful things there are about you, how much talent you really have, and why you deserve to say Yippee! about the work you do and the life you lead.  Come join me!!

Okay, I’m off to air a segment about Discover Your YIPPEE on the Jane Pauley Show – feel free to listen in.  I will check in when I get back and together we will find more ways to say Yippee!

Can’t wait to see you then,


  • I cannot agree more wholeheartedly with your perspective Elizabeth. I have told clients and students for years that they *can* have a job they love and to find that can be as important as money.

    I work long hours for little pay, but because I truly love the challenges of my job, the clients who need our help, and the volunteers who help make it all possible, I stick with it.

    I look forward to seeing more posts.

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