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There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only NOW. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking now is as good a time as any.

Hugh Laurie

Do you remember the excitement of a new school year? New teacher, new classrooms, new notebooks + pencil case. Regardless of how last year had gone, you got to start over. Everything felt fresh and brand new.

Even if you haven’t been through that back to school routine in a long time, everyone has a longing for a fresh start once in awhile. You are longing for a new direction. You want more from your business. You want a bigger career. You are tired of the role you are playing in your own life and the lives of others.

But let’s be honest, no matter how much we want the adventure of a brand new horizon, it can be intimidating. Why? Because we feel like we have to do the journey alone, and venturing out into brand new landscapes without your tribe can feel incredibly overwhelming.

The Live Large Team knows this. And, to answer that call, we’ve developed an amazing opportunity just for you: the Live Large Group Discussion Guide. For a limited time, you can get this guide for FREE.

Exciting new research shows that when we speak our dreams, goals, and aspirations out loud, our brains light up in different places, sparking activity in the part of the nervous system associated with action and initiative.

The Live Large Group Discussion Guide is designed so even if you have no experience leading groups, you can create an electrifying environment of encouragement, confidence, insight, and action. We give you everything you need to create enriching conversations so you and your tribe can become fellow travelers into the vast territory of your highest potential.

And yes, for a limited time the Live Large Group Discussion Guide is FREE for anyone who wants to build a tribe on their way to living the life they have always envisioned. I’ve included an outline of the guide at the bottom of this post.

To get a shot of inspiration, download the Discussion Guide here, and start now using your unique experience, talents, and knowledge to make an even BIGGER impact on the world.

There’s no other time like the present to start fresh. Join us on this exciting adventure!

Until next Tuesday!



Live Large Group Discussion Guide– Outline

Here’s all of the content that you get when you download your free Discussion Guide!


Setting Up Your Live Large Group   

Don’t Have a Group Yet?

Suggestions For Group Set-Up (including email invite template to copy/paste)

Facilitating Discussions

Operating Agreements

Live Large Group – Discussion Guide (12 sessions)   

Session 1: Setting up for Success

Session 2: Knowing Yourself – Retrospective & Lifeline

Session 3: Purpose & Values

Session 4: Limiting Beliefs – part 1

Session 5: Limiting Beliefs – part 2

Session 6: Limiting Beliefs – part 3

Session 7: Expanding Your Options

Session 8: The Bull’s Eye

Session 9: Bringing the Pieces Together

Session 10: Assessing the Options

Session 11: Making Your Future a Priority

Session 12: Conclusion


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