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Ever since the publication of my book, Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next, several friends, clients, and others have asked me about how I actually got the book written.

Many of us feel like we have a book in us, yet the creation of a book can seem daunting (and it can be). What smart people have been doing for generations is looking for experts so they don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”

That’s a good idea sometimes – but not always.

Recently, a friend told me she has been working on her story for years, and now she’s ready to take it to the next level and wanted my advice. After I had shared my experience and thoughts, she asked: What would be better, this or that? Should I do one thing and not do the other?

Her questions reminded me of how frequently we want to believe there is one right answer.

In math, there might be one right answer (and I’m ready to be proved wrong on that!). However, in so much of life, there is never just one answer. While I was working on my book, my gifted development editor, Suzanne Kingsbury, gave me a delightful little book called Daily Rituals that describes the creative routine of famous writers, composers, filmmakers, architects, and more.

What is striking about the narratives is the immense variety in how these artists choose to create! Some sleep late, others get up early. Some have inflexible schedules, others prefer greater spontaneity. Some live like hermits while others enjoy an active (even over-active) social life.

Bottom line: Whether it’s writing a book, having a conversation, or deciding what to serve for dinner – we all have choices.

Don’t waste your time trying to discover the one right way. Instead, focus on the outcome and give yourself the freedom to move away from imitation and towards your own unique way of achieving what you really want.

Tell me what you discover!

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