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What would you do if someone made you up give rooms in your house or in your apartment? What if they told you:

You have to sleep in your living room now.

The bedroom is off limits, the door will be locked

You can only use your kitchen on weekends.

The porch is available for family, but not for friends.

You would rightly feel angry and frustrated. It would make no sense and seem like a stupid idea. And you would be absolutely right.

You should be able to live in your whole house and enjoy every part, right?

A refusal to LIVE LARGE makes as much sense as closing off parts of your house!

When we are living large we use our talents, skills, experiences and passion from every part of our life, whether in our public, professional, personal and interior lives.

The Live Large Process does even more than let you live in your whole house, it helps you find rooms that you didn’t even know existed!  They may be talents that were always there but you didn’t see clearly because they were locked away behind a door of limiting beliefs.

Living Large is not about being loud, imposing or only focused on yourself. Living Large is about becoming the fullest expression of whomever that is.  It’s about having choices, expanding your repertoire of responses. It’s about understanding that if you are usually the one who takes responsibility, then you don’t always have to be that person.  You can choose to allow others to share that.

Living Large means having more options, not just for your career, but for how you show up everyday. Best of all? YOU get to choose. You will no longer be unconsciously held back by old patterns and limiting beliefs.

So I invite you, even challenge you, to Live Large. Everyone benefits when you live large – starting with you.

And TODAY is a very special day to start.

Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Nextis finally available to purchase.

To celebrate, I’m giving away special bonuses – but only until midnight Pacific time!

Check out the bonuses available when you buy your copy today:

Don’t forget about your family and friends…we want them to Live Large also! We’ve included some images and sample text below to share on social media or email. Make sure to let them know about the bonuses available today, too.

Thank you for helping to spread the word so that other can we can all be our best selves!

With Gratitude,




Sample text for sharing with your friends:

I’m so excited that my friend Elizabeth’s book, “Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next” is available to purchase today! I thought you might be interested – or know somebody who could use this book right now.

This book will equip you with valuable tools that Elizabeth has used for years to help high-achieving individuals find fulfillment by determining what’s next in your life. She will also teach you how to use your greatest gifts and talents to energize your life and make an impact.

If you buy the book today (May 9th) – she’s giving away special bonuses. You can see the details of these bonuses

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