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We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us Joseph Campbell

Again and again in my work as an executive and personal strategist, I hear the word “success” in the same breath as the word goal and/or purpose.

Our belief in goals as an element of success is so much so, that if we find ourselves unsure about the goal or the steps to take next, we feel guilty, stuck, frustrated, mad and scared.

I’m off-track
I’ve lost my way
It feels like we’ve lost momentum

Time and again we hear the maxim: Don’t just stand there, do something! As Westerners we haven’t grown up in a contemplative tradition.  We crave certainty and direction.  We want to know what we want and we’re all for “doing what it takes”.  We view “standing there” as evidence of laziness, indecision, or plain dullness.

But what if we were willing to consider that “just standing there” is a normal and predictable part of fulfilling our purpose?  We might have a completely different reaction.  We might be able to savor standing there.  Be open to new ideas and opportunities.  Be grateful for the pause.

In all bold and creative ventures there are times when you will feel lost, unsure or stuck – it’s normal.  So when it happens, you have a choice.  You can criticize yourself and/or your team OR you can say: Ah yes, this is that time we knew was coming.  Let’s celebrate that we can pause and still be on track.

Tell me about a time you thought you were “off-track”, what came of it?

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