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Yippee_Rebrand Thanks for your responses to our earlier survey.  You’ve helped clarify our thinking!

Here’s where we are…

Orchard Advisors has been Growing Smart Companies for 20+ years.  This means helping each fulfill its purpose and doing so profitably.  You have helped us understand that the work YIPPEE has been doing is the same thing but focused on INDIVIDUALS.

Individuals who are smart and accomplished AND who want to continue to grow their own capacity for a rich and meaningful life.

Individuals who:

  1. Are looking for WHAT’S NEXT in their lives. They want to step into a new arena, breaking through limiting beliefs and habits to use their skills, gifts and experiences in more satisfying ways.
  2. WANT TO BE MORE self-aware, more effective and more masterful at the work they are already doing.

Some of them (you) are growing that capacity where they are, others realize it’s time to look for a new place to take root, bloom and grow.  Regardless, we want to be part of helping you fulfill your purpose and have a sense of excitement and connection to what you do everyday – growing impact in your life, your  work, your communities and the world.

We asked for input and input we received. We have picked out some of our favorites and would appreciate hearing what you think. Please help us again further refine the language we use to attract others by filling out our survey. THANK YOU!

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  • Paul Agee

    Is your primary target market still corporate clients as when you work with us at HMS? The survey sounds like you are now targeting individuals rather than corporations.

  • Debra Joyde

    Good luck with this. Good options to choose from.

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