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YippeeRebrandCan we have 3 minutes?

The words ‘Discover Your YIPPEE’ are not resonating with smart, accomplished people.  Since you are one, we need your opinion!

Our audience are people who are accomplished in their lives and careers AND are at a point where they want more.  They are asking:

“What’s next?”


“How can I create more impact, more satisfaction, more good?”


“How can I be more effective, even masterful?”

They want to align their talents, skills, experience and, yes, their resources – money, influence and energy – with what they care about.

These people are smart and sophisticated.  YIPPEE just does NOT ring true to them.  It makes the work we do together sound shallow, even silly… and it’s not.

Our clients:

  • Articulate their purpose and value.
  • Identify talents and capabilities they were unaware of.
  • Unmask limiting beliefs and assumptions and reframe them.
  • Create a vision for their future and the multiple roles they play.
  • Explore possibilities.
  • Create a plan for reaching their goals.
  • Learn fresh approaches to having the big life and impact they want (and deserve).
  • Embrace all of whom they are.

Please take a few minutes to answer 3 questions.  Your ideas are important and we thank you!

  1. What are your suggestions for a new TITLE?
  2. What are your suggestions for a new TAGLINE?
  3. What words/phrases resonate with you?

If you can come up with a brilliant, fun and memorable Title and/or Tagline that we can use, you will get a choice of aFREE one hour consultation with Elizabeth Crook (value $450) OR $100 cash. If interested, be sure to provide your contact information in the survey and we will follow-up if you have won. If we have a few winners, we will do a draw for up to 3 people to receive prizes.

Thank YOU!


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