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You’ve probably heard the saying:  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  When faced with writing a book, starting a business, learning a language or any big goal, we embark on many small steps to complete the “journey”.  But are the biggest journeys always a thousand miles?

Recently I saw The Hundred Foot Journey, a film about an imperious French woman who operates a highly-regarded restaurant on the outskirts of her village.  Much to her horror, an Indian widower buys the place across the road and, with his five children, starts an Indian restaurant – Maison Mumbai.  A hundred feet separate the two eateries, but it might as well be a thousand miles.  The belief each has about the other keeps them isolated and angry.  And yet, by the movie’s end, they have made the difficult 100-foot journey that leads to success for all.

What was required was not a series of steps but a shift, a willingness to open to new ideas and to change their understanding about themselves.  Often, the hardest journeys are about letting go of the beliefs that limit our ability to live a life full of new possibilities.

One of the most satisfying parts of my work is helping you uncover those limiting beliefs so you can make the single shift that’s more powerful than a thousand miles.  Doing this is part of the Discover Your YIPPEE Retreat.

Begin YOUR journey back to yourself with me and other travelers on September 19-20, in Nashville, TN.   Click here to learn more.

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