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Do you find yourself saying things like “I hate my job. I hate my work. I hate my boss. I hate my company. I want to quit my job.” You are not alone. It is unfortunate how many people feel this way.

If you hate your job, there are steps you can and need to take to move on. We work hard and waste a lot of time to stay in a job or work place that we don’t like. If you are working at job that you love, you will do a better job and be happier.

If you are seeking change and want to move, the How to Love the Job You Hate video series will help you identify what you’d like in your NEXT job. With the direction of your personal YIPPEE Guide, Elizabeth Crook, you’ll learn surprising new ways to think about the kind of work that really brings you to life and crucial tips to negotiate that new position that will make you truly say YIPPEE!

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