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Are you dissatisfied with your job?

Do you want to recharge your excitement about what you do?

Are you in a career rut?

Do you feel undervalued?

Are you reluctant to discuss a change with your boss?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you must sign up to receive our three part video series – How to Love the Job you Hate!

This video series is highly practical and filled with self exploratory exercises. In the first video you will Discover What Energizes You, the second video will help you Identify Your Real Value and the final video will support you Making the Case for Change.

As a result of watching this video series and doing the exercises, you will:

  • Have more fun at work – we give you the keys!
  • Be THE most valued employee – learn the secret to getting paid for doing what you enjoy!
  • Have your boss suggesting ways she can make your job more interesting – become a master of getting what you really want!

The How to Love the Job You Hate video series is for everyone whether you hate your current job, love your job, or have a love/hate relationship about your job…

You may be thinking…
“Thank goodness! I can’t stand my job and need a change ASAP!”

or maybe you are thinking…
“Actually I like my job, but I could add so much more value if they’d let me.”

or maybe…
“What!? No! I love my job but I wish I could talk to my boss about a raise.”

 No matter what your thoughts are on your current job, this video series has incredible tools to help you:

  • Identify what brings you joy
  • Increase your value by doing more of what you enjoy
  • Negotiate changes with your boss
  • Create exciting options for your next job

If you are seeking CHANGE, this video series will help you identify what you’d like in your NEXT job.  You’ll learn surprising new ways to think about the kind of work that turns you on.  You’ll also learn crucial tips for negotiating that all important new position that will truly make you say YIPPEE!

If you LOVE parts of your job but want more opportunity, in this video you’ll learn how to grow your value and influence.  You’ll learn how to have your boss inviting you to do more of what you love!

If you are RELUCTANT TO ROCK THE BOAT at work, this video series will give you specific tools and scripts to increase your value (and your pay) plus develop new skills that will serve you well now and in the future.

This video series is highly interactive offering hands-on & practical tools to support you.

If YOU are ready to live a life you love?  Then this video series is for you!

Begin to Discover Your YIPPEE! and Sign up today to get access to this game-changing video series – How to Love the Job You Hate.

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