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LEAP:  (Verb) – Jump or spring a long way to a great height or with great force

Leap.  Just the word sounds dangerous.

What image comes to your mind when you think about a leap?  Since I’m a hiker, I think about jumping from one side of a ledge to another with only empty air and no support below. YIKES!

Do we have to LEAP in order to do what we love?

Yes.  But it might not be the leap you think.  Leap is an action word, a doing word, it implies physical motion and risk.  But the leap required to reach your YIPPEE! is actually an internal leap.  The leap we need to take is in our heads, it’s in our hearts and it’s in our gut!

It’s a leap from old thinking and self-perception to new ideas and new beliefs.  In my last blog post Etta Britt had to leap from thinking of herself as a back-up singer to seeing herself as the main act.  Jerry Leener, in Is It Too Late To Do What I Love?, had to go from his perception of himself as a busy corporate guy to someone who never again had to wear a suit.  In The Gift We’re Afraid to Ask For, John had to leap from disappointment and blame to seeing the gift was staring him in the face.

Your leap to YIPPEE! may seem overwhelming, unrealistic or just plain big.  Just remember the alternative to leaping is often to stay stuck.  And staying stuck can waylay discovering your YIPPEE! for years.

I’d love to hear about the leap you are trying to take or a leap you already took that changed your life!  Can’t wait to hear about it…

Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday.  YIPPEE!



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  • Margaret Ellis

    Saying yippee every day. Thanks again for your encouragement.

    • elizabeth

      You have always been a YIPPEE! gal. My Margaret Ellis earrings keep me saying YIPPEE!

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