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I was on the Read My Lips radio show the other day with my engaging host Bonnie D. Graham who asked me:  What is Yippee Index exactly???

I answered as often do:  The Yippee Index measures how satisfied you are with what you do.  Does what you do make you want to say Yippee?

But what does having a High Yippee actually feel like?

Your life is full of moments when your Yippee Index is high.  If you recognize when you’re in a Yippee moment, then you can more easily recognize what you want to feel like in your work life.

A Yippee moment happened just the other night.

During the summer a hundred or so folks gather for Bluebird on the Mountain, an evening of music from the talented community of Nashville singers and songwriters.  We set up chairs on the lawn of the Dyer Observatory, light candles, eat homemade goodies, cheeses and fruit, and drink a little wine.  Last weekend Mark Selby and Tia Sillers, Clay Mills and bass standout Chopper Anderson were the talent.  It’s an “only in Nashville” night that includes a tent offering Jack Daniels.

It was the last show of the season; the air was chilly with the smell of fallen leaves, and just at dark, under a cloudy sky, Mark did a final sound check, then strum!  The warm, bold sound of Don’t You Throw That Mojo On Me pulsed the night air.  Followed by song after song including Tia’s big hit with the Dixie Chicks, I Hope You’ll Dance.

Snuggled into my reclining chair, covered by yet another blanket, I was toasty, warm and so happy.  And when it began to rain, I didn’t need to worry, because I’d brought a purple tarp.  I covered myself with it and peaked out the hood.  The songwriters played on, rubbing their hands to keep warm and performing with the same enthusiasm and artistry they’d brought to the first song.

I thought of what my true love, Umberto, likes to say:  “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing”.  And the Girl Scout song: “Pray for sunshine, but always be prepared for rain.” And I realized I was following two important Yippee notions:

  • Anticipate and prepare.
  • Enjoy the moment.

This was a REAL Yippee moment.  My Yippee Index was through the roof (which was actually a sky!).

Everything didn’t need to be perfect, it just had to be FUN and stimulating and a little magical.  When you feel like that at work, you can be sure you are on the right path.

What are some Yippee moments you’ve had in your life this week?  Use them to know exactly how you want to feel when you wake up and go to work each day.   It is possible!


See you next Tuesday.  Yippee!




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