In A Shot Of Optimism

Late afternoon on a recent Sunday, golden autumn light filtered through the trees as an energetic gaggle of nine-year-old boys practiced baseball. An assortment of moms, dads and grandparents sat in the stands. Four dads coached, and one dad with a green baseball hat appeared to be the leader. After putting the boys through fielding practice, the bullpen, pitching and rotating through several different positions, he coached on the playing of the game:

If you have a runner on first and third with two outs, what’s your play? What about bases loaded and no one out? A runner on first and third?

In order to make the scenarios come to life, the coach recruited spectators to be base runners. The ball was thrown rather than hit, and the runner headed towards first. It was soon obvious that some of the boys weren’t clear what they were supposed to do if the ball came their way.

The coach walked to the middle of the field and told them: Everyone on this field has a job on every pitch. You must assess the situation and decide ahead of time what you will do if the ball comes to you. Is that clear?

Everybody on the field has a job! The words rang in my ears.

We all have a job everyday. Not just our job, but our life job. Do we spend time thinking about how we will respond when an opportunity comes our way? Or better yet, do we think about what opportunities we want to create?

It’s easy to say: It’s not my time I’m not ready. It’s too soon or too late. But it’s not.

Everybody in the field of life has a job. It could be following up with the chance connection you made at a business or social event, exploring a course or program, or investing in an emerging relationship.

Imagine. Anticipate. Take action or take no action. That’s your job.

Let me know how it goes.

Until next Tuesday,


P.S. Need a boost to figure out what your “job” is right now? Download the free Live Large Discussion Guide and meet up with a few friends to work through the explorations together!

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