In A Shot Of Optimism

Last week, I went to a wine tasting with a friend who founded a very successful winery decades ago. About forty of us sat at tables with a selection of cheeses, water, a wine glass and a glass beaker.

My friend introduced each wine, telling us about how it was made and the styling of the winemaker. We were served a few ounces and invited to make our own observations. Before each subsequent wine was poured, we disposed of the wine left in the glass, poured and disposed of some water to clean the glass, and waited for the next round of wine.

Although I generally prefer red wines, I quite enjoyed the first wine – a Sauvignon Blanc. I wasn’t too taken with the Chardonnay; I strongly preferred the Syrah and the second Cabernet. Finally, we finished off with a Port.

By taking small tastes of seven different bottles, I was able to sample a great variety of wines without getting buzzed! I was able to experiment.

Tasting is essential when exploring new wines. It’s also valuable when experimenting with new attitudes and new behaviors. If you are always the first to speak out, experiment with allowing someone else to be first. If you tend to hold back, try stepping up. Remember you are only tasting!

As much as I enjoyed the second Cabernet, I’m glad to know I can enjoy something else when that seems more appropriate – or just more fun!

So this week, be alert to opportunities to taste something you don’t normally try. Let me know what you discover.

If you need some help moving outside of your comfort zone, I’ve created the Live Large Group Discussion Guide  for you to gather a few friends and “taste” new things together. I know it made a big difference being with friends during the wine tasting, rather than doing it on my own.

Until next Tuesday,


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