In A Shot Of Optimism, Discover Your Passion

Falling out of love with your job happens. Why? Because things change.

You may have more skills and experience now, or your interests may have changed. Maybe you are an empty nester, and you want to travel more or travel less. Perhaps you have a shorter commute, or the company you once loved has fallen to the back of the pack regarding trends.

Who knows?

Here’s what I do know, as human beings, we are always changing, hopefully for the better! The hope is that we are getting smarter, wiser, and clearer about how we want to be in our lives, and how we want to use our talents, skills, and experiences.

And we live in a world that is also changing.

So what once fit us – may not fit us in the same way anymore. The job we once loved doesn’t quite match who we are becoming. And yes, that is discomfiting. But it is also exciting. Rather than feel guilty? Celebrate! We are vital creatures in a vital, changing world.

And now begins the exciting journey of finding out:  What’s Next?

Because I know what a fantastic time this can be in your life I have created the  Live Large Group Discussion Guide  to help you through this exciting journey. Find some other explorers who are entering a vast new horizon of possibility and download it  here  (it’s free!) so that you can discover together what’s waiting for you. This is one of the most exciting ways for you to find that next job to love.

Let me know what you discover!

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