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You’ve probably heard of ADD, ADHD, and OCD, but there’s another sneaky diagnosis creeping up on us: ADS – Always Doing Something.

Do you have ADS?  Are you so busy you can’t think?  Are deadlines pushing in from every side?  Do commitments and obligations fill your head while you are awake, and interrupt your sleep?

You’re not alone.

Given 24/7 electronics, news cycles, global business, family and friends in multiple time zones, business and life never seem to pause!

When I was growing up in a small town in West Tennessee, in a simpler time, we kids  brought a small rug  to school and in the middle of the day we stretched out on the floor or we sat at our desks with our heads down and our mouths closed – no talking, no playing, no reading.  Just resting.  Sunday we got a full day of rest.  A time to slow down, to play games, read.

Today it seems odd to consider such a thing, we have to make headway with urgency all the time.  Around the clock we communicate with friends, family and business associates.  Sundays we do the grocery shopping, go to the gym, take an online course.

But when do we ever pause?

Recently a friend of mine told me about studying piano in college – like many in Nashville she was planning a career in music and told me about driving herself to play more and more.  One day while playing pell mell through a piece, her professer put a gentle hand on her shoulder and said,

The rests are as important as the notes.

In music there are symbols that tell us when to pause and for how long.  The full beauty of a piece can only unfold if the musician pauses on the rests before playing the next group of notes.

There is significant research on the benefits of quiet time: our mind wanders, ideas percolate, problems are solved.  It’s imperative to you and your business to take time out.

This week I challenge you to try an experiment to start beating ADS:  Take a ten-minute quiet time in the morning and in the afternoon.  This is not a time to check emails, facebook, or play Solitaire.  It’s a time to REST, before the notes of the song of your life start playing again.

I’m going to do it and see how it goes.  I invite you to do the same and let’s compare notes next Tuesday.

Until then… YIPPEE!





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