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Live Large helps achievers find fulfillment by discovering what’s next in their lives and developing a concrete plan to get there. Comprised of eighteen interactive chapters, the book guides readers through a series of explorations, including finding their purpose, identifying their talents and unmasking the beliefs that hold them back.

Live Large is a valuable guidebook for people looking to re-ignite their life.

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Live Large

The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next is the only book of its kind for achievers

  • Rediscover the confidence and clarity that brought you this far.
  • Engage in interactive tried-and-true explorations that reveal your limiting beliefs, unique purpose, special talents and much more.
  • Use your greatest gifts and talents to energize your life and make an impact.
  • Create a life of potency and inspiration.
  • Live large and reach the wide horizon you’ve only ever imagined.

Live Large features a number of exercises, called explorations, to guide readers through their journey. Explorations such as “The Retrospective” and “The Lifeline” will help readers create a picture of who they have been over time surviving adversity, fear, and sadness; exploring their highs, lows, and turning points; and ultimately uncovering the singular purpose hidden values that have driven them forward.


  • “You're successful, yet you feel that there's something more for you. The challenge is that you don’t know what that ‘something more’ is, how to find out, or how to get there. Let Elizabeth Crook’s remarkable book, Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next, be your guide. This book combines Elizabeth’s insight as a business strategist with her genuine love of people to help you find your way to the next, quite possibly most fulfilling, stage in your life and career. Live Large isn’t just a great resource—it’s a treasure.”

    Joe CallowayAuthor of Becoming A Category Of One
  • “If you are an achiever who has been waiting for that next big thing — if you have felt the call for a larger life— then this book is for you. Elizabeth Crook is the career guide for those who thought they had it all. Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next is the book 2017 has been waiting for. I highly recommend it!”

    Jane PauleyHost of CBS Sunday Morning and Author of Your Life Calling
  • “Elizabeth tackles the question of ‘What’s Next’ for successful people ready for a new challenge. A big paycheck can feel hollow when disconnected from purpose. Elizabeth guides her readers back to their core strengths so that they can Live Large in their careers and personal lives.”

    Amanda SteinbergCEO of Daily Worth
  • “Are you an achiever ready for your next big step? Are you ready to live fully and authentically without limits or constraints? Live Large: The Achiever's Guide to What's Next will not only align you with your true purpose, it is one of the most thrilling ways to go after what you want to accomplish and make a difference in the world. Elizabeth Crook is the real deal, and delivers great value in this book.”

    Jack CanfieldCoauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™
Elizabeth B Crook


As the CEO of Orchard Advisors for the past twenty-plus years, Elizabeth B. Crook has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs think and act strategically to grow their companies and find greater personal satisfaction. She has shown countless individuals of all generations how to invent and reinvent themselves. Crook knows how to inspire people to gain a fresh sense of what they can accomplish in their lives, think about themselves with compassion, develop a sense of humor about their challenges, and ultimately take action.

Elizabeth holds a BA from Vanderbilt University and an MS from Tennessee State University. She lives on Music Row in Nashville.

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