In A Shot Of Optimism

Is there an action you are delaying, that you don’t want to do it, but you know you must?

  • Terminate a chronically under-performing employee
  • Leave a job that sucks you dry
  • End a dead-end relationship
  • Cut that unprofitable project

Here’s the tricky part: We have often already made the decision that something has to be done and we know the current situation shouldn’t be allowed to persist – but we are too afraid to take the next step.

What makes us so afraid that we continue to tolerate an intolerable situation? The story we tell ourselves about what might happen if we take action. Our “IF” …

  • IF I terminate the employee, people may think I’m hard-hearted or unfair.
  • IF I leave this job, people may think I’m a quitter, or I may never find another.
  • IF I leave this relationship, people may think I’m too picky or hard to get along with.
  • IF I cut the project, people may think I’m greedy and just want money.

How do we move past these (often untrue) stories that keep us stuck? We have to begin by getting really, really clear about the risk of NOT taking the action.

  • IF I DON’T terminate the under-performer, I am actually disrespecting my other, hard working employees and short-changing my clients.
  • IF I DON’T leave my current job, my unhappiness could hurt my health, diminish my motivation and negatively impact my reputation.
  • IF I DON’T end the dead-end relationship, I won’t have the opportunity to find the love that will make life more meaningful.
  • IF I DON’T stop funding an unprofitable project, I may risk the survival of the business.

What decision have you made that you are NOT taking action on? How is not taking action really putting you at risk?

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