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Have you ever said:
I wish I had…
I wish I could…
I never seem to…

At some point in our lives, every one of us has said something similar.

But let me tell you something you might not know:
You have the skills…
You have the experience…
You have the confidence…

To make absolutely anythinghappen.

How do I know?

Think back to a time when you decided the status quo was not acceptable.

After weeks of paper pile up, you finally cleared off your desk.  After wanting to and wishing you could, you finally quit smoking.  You ended that toxic relationship.  You finally saved the money for that fabulous trip.  You began the exercise program, you started that blog.

How did you do it?

You identified your desired outcome, you got clear and excited about what you wanted, and you created a specific plan.

And now… you want to do it with your career.

So why does this leap feel so monumental, overwhelming, a little terrifying?  Because your career, more than almost any other part of your life, is the scariest to change.


These three main hurdles get in your way:

  1. The Cost and Inconvenience of  Change:  Redoing your resume, researching a new career, going on interviews or starting the small business you’ve been dreaming about, can feel completely overwhelming.  How will I find the time?and How will I find the money,become the biggest questions, and it’s difficult to come up with answers.  So you tell yourself to stay put.  You already know your routine, and you may not love it, but it’s familiar.  Besides, you think, I might put in all that time and money, and find myself in a situation I like less than this!  It feels so scary to invest when you’re not sure of the outcome.  But let me tell you:  The cost of preparing for your dream career is actually pennies compared to how much you will make, both financially and otherwise, when you love what you do… just wait!
  2. You Ignore the Cost of Staying Where You Are.  It’s easy to forget the stress of not loving where you are.  But stress causes health problems.  And bad health is extremely expensive.  More heart attacks happen on Monday mornings between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., when people are heading off to jobs that are slowly breaking their spirits.  Being dissatisfied at work is not only bad for your health, but also for your relationships and your security.  What people might not realize is that tapping into your talents and passions makes you an A player.  And, when you’re an A player?  Other companies are drawn to you.  People are drawn to you.  Opportunities open up.  You are suddenly at the top of your game, and everyone seems to know it.  You look better, you feel better, you’re more sought-after, and you love the people around you, and yourself, more.
  3. You Are Afraid You Won’t Be Considered Sensible.  Many people believe work is work and that’s why you get paid, you’re not supposed to love it.  They tend to think that searching for work they love is just a pipe dream and an irresponsible one at that.  What will they tell their friends, husband, children and parents?  Most importantly, if you don’t take the leap into a career you love, what will you tell yourself?  Will you punish yourself for not keeping the status quo?  Or applaud yourself for making your dreams come true?

Everyone runs into at least one of these blocks and many many others.  Alone, it can be daunting to leap into a career you love.  What about the time, the money, other peoples’ opinions?  Trying to face a gigantic change like this one alone can take years.  Together, we can put you on the road to Yippee in just one weekend.

That’s why we planned the Discover Your YIPPEE Retreat in Nashville.

For you:
To get you through those blocks
To give you an exhilarating vision of where you want to go
To make a sure-fire success-plan to get you there

And the bonus?  You will leave with a cheerleading support team of incredibly diversified professionals who will make sure you are living a life you love!


The Discover Your YIPPEE Retreat in Nashville will help you identify those choices and bring you places you’ve previously only imagined…

And I am so sure it works, we’ve made it 100% risk free!

If after the first day, you don’t think you are getting your money’s worth?  You are entitled to a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

So, you have nothing to lose… And everything to gain.

Come join me in Nashville and together we will Discover Your YIPPEE! and find out how exciting change can be!

For more information on this one-of-a-kind retreat, send me an email at  I can’t wait to see you living the life you’ve always imagined.

Until next Tuesday.  YIPPEE!



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