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Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a different seat at a party?  A different colleague for a project at work?  A different companion on the eight-hour flight home?  What if at that moment, you realized you were exactly where you were meant to be?  With exactly the right people?  Any person, no matter how they appear, might lead you to your yippee!

Every year I attend a conference with the Social Venture Network (SVN), high energy folks who are changing the world through business.  Think Stonyfield Yogurt, Prevention Magazine, Birkenstock USA, Eileen Fisher, and any other live wires who are making a profit while serving the people and the planet.

One of my favorite events at SVN is The Women’s Circle, where you get to hang out with some incredibly dynamic businesswomen.  I was hoping to meet an entrepreneur or CEO that I might be able to do strategic planning with in the coming months.  So, when an attractive woman sat next to me, I welcomed her with a big smile.

And then she handed me her AARP business card.

Oh no, I thought, AARP: a large, probably bureaucratic organization that deals with lobbying for Medicare and Social Security.  NOT the person I want to sit with.

But because Kim was so engaging, so interesting, articulate, smart and broadly-traveled, I found myself saying yes instead of no.  Yes to her, no matter who she worked for or whether or not we would eventually do business together.

And because I can’t help but spread YIPPEE! wherever I go, I told her about Discover Your Yippee.  And Kim listened carefully and asked questions.  And then she said, “You know, I think you might be fabulous for our new show, Life Reimagined, a series produced by AARP that features people who are reimagining their careers and creating their best lives.”  Oh my God! I thought.  That is so Yippee…

It turned out Kim was actually Jane Pauley’s executive producer.  The Jane Pauley, who hosted The Today Show and the NBC nightly news.  The woman Linda Ellerbee once wrote about saying, “She is what I want to be when I grow up.”

Kim hooked me up with Jane and she asked me to be a guest on their fantastic new show Life Reimagined.  A few months later, I shared the backseat of a taxi with Jane Pauley while we headed uptown to their studios.  On the show I got to talk about how YOU (baby boomer or not) can reimagine your life by using Yippee.  It was incredible.  Life Reimagined and Discover Your Yippee were a perfect match.

Now I’ve just done my second show with Jane, as a life reimagined expert (!)  doing some YIPPEE! mapping for Jerry Leener, who went from tax accountant to EMT, a very Yippee journey.  Check it out and get inspired for your own yippee (it might not be as far away as you think…)



And how did I get to be on the air with Jane Pauley (a dream come true)?  Way back when, I said YES!  Yes to the woman sitting next to me.  And that Yes led me to be to spreading Yippee to a gigantic audience.  Including you!!  Tell me when you surprised yourself by saying Yes! and something huge and amazing happened.

You never know what part of your yippee puzzle might be sitting next to you… Until Tuesday




  • Sally Ann Nisberg

    Be Bold


    Smile Gratefully ~
    Be Hopeful ~
    Keep Going ~
    Be Tough ~
    Have Compassion ~
    Forgive ~
    Extend Your Hand ~
    Be Conscious of Your Blessings & Others Needs

    Sally Ann

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