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My husband Umberto and I lived in Caracas for a dozen years.  As an executive and consultant to the US Embassy, I made presentations, wrote proposals and managed a household in Spanish.  But Umberto and I got divorced in ’95 and even though I tried to find ways to use the language since then, it’s really not an everyday event.

Then my neighbor Sheyla invited me to be interviewed on her Spanish language WebTV program, Entertainment Circle Network. The day before taping I found out the short interview would be followed by two segments: all me, straight from the top.

The producer said she would translate if I did them in English, but I really wanted to do them in Spanish.  (Then afterwards I could BRAG about doing them in Spanish.)

In order to pull this off successfully, I needed Umberto’s help.  Umberto and I happen to be together again (a story for another time), and he’s the absolute love of my life, so the only way I could reach my goal and do my best was to feel vulnerable and look like less than an expert in front of someone whose opinion (of me) I value.  A LOT.

I had two choices:
1. Risk looking like an ass in front of the love of my life
2. Do the interview in English which is the safe option and also less than the best I can be.

What did I decide?

Something I’ve decided again and again all my life:
Risking vulnerability in the short term can often have HUGE rewards in the long term.

So how did it go?????

Below is a clip and you can hear me speak in English and in Spanish about how you, too, can Fail Your Way to Success.

The lesson?  Be bold, be vulnerable, ask for help and rock the house!

See you next Tuesday.  Yippee!


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