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Last Thursday I was watching the sun rise out of the Atlantic from the coast of South Carolina.  On Monday, I was watching the sunset in English Bay in Vancouver on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  I love sunrises and sunsets – purples, oranges and pinks, with the light burnishing the water gold.  I marvel how the trail seems to come straight toward me.  Dawn and dusk are dramatic over the water or in the mountains, but that’s not what makes them special.

The most intense colors of a sunrise happen before the sun breaks the edge of the horizon and after the sun has set.  The scientific reasons have to do with the refraction of the light waves…or something like that.  (I look forward to a more precise explanation from you.)

What makes them special for me is experiencing celestial movement and change in mere minutes in my life.  If also leads me to consider…

If the lighting or darkening of the planet can take place more quickly than I can have a leisurely meal or watch the evening news, what life changing, energy shifting actions can I take in the same amount of time?

Make the postponed call?
Write the unwritten email?
Make the decision that’s been hanging over my head?
Clear the top of my desk?
Make that reservation?

What about you?  Let me know what you decide, and in the meantime, enjoy a sunrise or sunset wherever you are!

See you next Tuesday.  Yippee!


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