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What is a Beer Goggle Decision?

Two smart entrepreneurs were bemoaning a couple of hiring mistakes they had made.

Curious, I asked, “What led you to hire these guys in the first place”?

“They seemed like good guys who would fit into the company”, they replied.

“What about the specific skills and experience they brought to the table?” I continued.

“Well, they were the only two candidates we had, we really needed somebody in that role and it seemed like it would work”.

One of the partners started laughing.  He said this might not be the most politically correct example, but here goes.  Imagine you’ve been sitting at the bar drinking beer all night, hoping to meet someone to spend the evening with.  The bar is now empty, except for one woman.  You say to yourself, Well she’s not that bad, actually she’s kind of nice.  That’s making a decision with “Beer  Goggles”.

Beer Goggle decisions happen for two reasons:

  • A belief we don’t have choices
  • Failing to balance immediate need with long-term implications

Use the tools  below to address the first one.  And look for an upcoming post on the second.

If you have or believe you have no choices, you will pick what’s there, even if it’s a poor choice.

What do you do? Create MORE options. 

Here’s How:

  1. Think of an immediate decision or choice you are facing right now.
  2. Spend three minutes writing possibilities.
  3. Go wild!  Don’t edit or judge, just go for it.  Sometimes we stop our own creativity and imagination because we judge too soon.
    NOTE:  I like to put ideas on small post-it notes so I can move them around and play with combinations.
  4. Remember you are trying to create MORE choices.
  5. Consider each possibility separately then ask yourself:
    – Which makes you laugh?
    – Which makes you feel tired?
    – Where do you feel a sense of possibility?
    – What additional information do you need?
  6. Describe what your choices look like now.
  7. What are the next 5 steps you’ll take and by when?

Let me know how this works for you!

Until next Tuesday,



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