In A Shot Of Optimism

There are many things we do every day almost without thinking — shower, brush our teeth, eat, sleep. We know that no matter what, they are a predictable baseline rhythm in our lives.

While not daily, other recurrences are equally predictable — doing our taxes, getting a medical check-up, closing the books of our business at the end of the month, quarterly planning.

Then there are the unpredictable. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, when I lived in Venezuela, the water supply, rice supply, and even electricity were all unpredictable. We never knew when the power would go off and stay off for days or if there would be running water.

These occurrences were predictably unpredictable, and we had a choice: throw up our hands and be victims, or prepare as best we could. In Venezuela, we, and many other families stored water in big garbage cans and kept flashlights, candles and matches at the ready.

Weather is unpredictable, but you can bet your last dollar that it will always be unpredictable – snow in the Great Plains in April, 85 degree days in Nashville followed by temperatures in the low 40’s. Predictably unpredictable. You can’t know when it is coming, but you can be ready to weather the storm when it hits.

What feels unpredictable in your life, what throws you off stride?

Is it completely unpredictable — a sudden death in the family, a flood or fire? Or is it predictably unpredictable, something you can plan for in case it happens — a wreck on the highway before your flight, last minute work from your boss, a slump in the market?

We can take a lot of stress out of our lives by anticipating the unpredictable. When we ready ourselves with a backup plan, we can move through the unpredictable with more grace and ease.

Let me know how you handle the unpredictable,

Until next Tuesday.



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