In A Shot Of Optimism

Did you see my Facebook video that I recorded from Granville Island, BC, about the day I had to use four different modes of transportation to get to my meeting? It’s a reminder that as we pursue goals or destinations, we may need different vehicles to get there.

And when we are learning and exploring new ideas, we may need different vehicles depending on what’s most effective for us. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the audiobook of Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next.

So many people told us they wanted to listen to the book, not just read it. Some said, I listen first then decide if I want to have a hard copy or not. That makes sense. We are busy people and we can listen while we walk, drive or get dressed in the morning – I know I do. Then depending on the book, I may get a copy to underline and reread. You now have a choice – paperback book, Kindle, Nook or Audible! Regardless of which you choose, you can still download a free Explorations booklet (with all of the exercises from the book) HERE.

To kick off the audiobook release, I uploaded to Facebook a video of myself reading a chapter from the book, just for you. I loved narrating my audiobook so much, my producer has asked me to read another book for her (who knows…being an audiobook narrator may turn into my new side hustle!)

Let me know which version you prefer for your books and why!

Until next Tuesday!



P.S. Not on Facebook? Click on the images below to watch the video (with subtitles if you aren’t able to turn your sound on right now).

Elizabeth at Granville Island – Which Vehicle Do You Need?


Elizabeth Reads Chapter 6 from “Live Large” – Missing the Magic Show: What Kinds of Beliefs Hold Us Back


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