In What's Holding You Back?

E*clipse (v.): to make less outstanding or important by comparison; surpass. (definition #5, Dictionary by Farlex)

If I ask you to recall an embarrassing experience or a time when you were not at your best, I bet you could think of at least one. Most of us can think of several! These are times when we wish we could disappear, wind back the clock, hit delete.

We all know that’s not possible, but too many times, we let those experiences haunt us and use them to minimize who we really are. I’m insensitive. I’m insincere. I’m a procrastinator. I’m dumb… And so on.

We get trapped by those labels and tend to over-generalize that one experience into our entire identity.

The good news is, we can use an eclipse to break out of the trap.

An eclipse, like the one we just watched in the US, is not just for heavenly bodies. It’s a way to move past self-defeating beliefs.

Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, famously failed hundreds of times to find the right filament for the bulb. But we don’t remember his failures because his success eclipsed his failures.

One of the talented and successful account managers I worked with eclipsed the fact that she never got a college degree by creating an outstanding career in her industry.

Have you eclipsed your embarrassing experiences or past failures? Or, are you letting yourself stay trapped in the beliefs that stemmed from those experiences, making you believe that you are less than you truly are?

What have you done, accomplished, or experienced that eclipses your earlier experience?

Embrace who you are now and recognize that even who you are now will be eclipsed by whom you are becoming. That’s what Living Large is all about.

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