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Ten days ago I sent the manuscript for my upcoming book, Live Large – An Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next, to a publisher along with all the submission paper work they had requested.  

I was sure I would hear back from him the next day with a confirmation of receipt at least, but nothing came.  Between leaving for a business trip and grieving my dog (see last week’s blog), I didn’t think about it until eight days later.  I had waited, and waited and waited.  Why hadn’t I heard from him?

Then questions and doubts started rearing their ugly heads.

He didn’t like it.

He doesn’t think it even deserves a response.

They already have a book like mine.

I realized I didn’t know why I hadn’t heard from him, and I could make assumptions all day and never know.  So I called.  The woman who answered said he’d “stepped out”.  Hopeful, I left a voicemail Friday afternoon saying what I had sent, recalled our mutual contact and previous conversation and ended with a warm encouragement to call me… but no call came.

The questions and doubts came to visit over the weekend.  And then, first thing Monday morning, I opened my email to find a lovely response thanking me for following up because my email had been lost.  

My contact went on about the process and that he would be back in touch with me by next Friday, and he would love to talk before then if I wished!

In the absence of information most of us begin to assume. Unfortunately we tend to assume the worst.  Whether it’s a friend who doesn’t call back, or a job candidate your company hasn’t called back, remember: people assume.  

So for this week, ASSUME the best.  And if there is someone waiting to hear from you, get back to her because she may be assuming the worst.  Andthatis a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Until next Tuesday,


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