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I’ve been a member of a professional group for a number of years.  Yet in spite of my tenure, I’ve held myself back.  Oh there were lots of good reasons at that time, what they were doesn’t really matter.   What does matter is that in preparing to go to this year’s meeting, I made a decision to:  get on board, recommit, and reconnect.  I didn’t make any big announcements.  I’m not even sure I changed how I acted, but I knew I had changed my stance.

And guess what?  I ended up learning more, receiving more, and having more meaningful conversations.  I felt seen, heard and valued in ways I hadn’t experienced before.

What a difference a change in stance made!

When I looked up stance at, here’s what I found:

1. The position or bearing of the body while standing.
2. Mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something.
3. Sports: The relative position of the feet, as in addressing a golf ball or in making a stroke.

I thought about golf great Tiger Woods and wondered about his stance.  I found an article that detailed how his stance had evolved.  When he was a young flexible golfer he had one stance.  When he became a stronger, more powerful golfer he changed his stance – and that has continued to evolve as his body and stroke have changed.

Consider all the changes in YOUR life.  Is your stance reflecting and supporting you?

Here is an invitation to consider your stance whether it’s about health, family, work, money, politics or certain people and situations.  Is your current stance working for you?  If not, then consider a change.  It may be as simple as making that decision.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

Until next Tuesday,



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