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Do you remember your freshman year in college?  Freshly arrived from being at the top of the heap in your local high school, you may have soon realized that your status had changed dramatically.  If you went to an elite university, then you went from being one of the smartest to being one of many “smartest”.   The confidence that filled when you graduated may have turned to hints of self-doubt over the summer.  By the time the first week of school arrived, many of us were feeling intimidated but doing everything we could not to show it!

Everyone else looked like they had it together.  It might have felt like you could never make a place for yourself there. Everyone else seemed so impressive!  OR…Maybe they didn’t realize how smart, cool, popular etc… you were, so you had to find ways to tell them.

If you think that goes away as adults?  It doesn’t!

Last week I attended my twelfth FORTUNE Growth and Gazelles Coaches Summit.  The attendees are entrepreneurs who are growing their companies.  They come to hear words of wisdom from leading business thinkers.    At the coaches’ summit, those of us who work with such high-profile entrepreneurs come to continue our own learning and share best practices.

The “coaches” are former CPA’s, sales professionals, HR specialists, strategists (like me) and CEO’s who have exited their businesses.  An impressive group!

And guess what?  There are times I find myself feeling like a college freshman.  Wow, these people have it all together!  I’ll never make a place for myself here! And at other moments I feel like MY talents and experience are going unrecognized!

So here is the deal.

If you are hanging with talented, experienced people, you probably are one of them.  So take a breath and accept it.

If you are feeling intimidated and unrecognized, you are not the only one.   Seek out ways to shine a light on the talents and experiences of others.  It will make YOU shine even more!

This week find opportunities to recognize others’ talents.   If you make this a practice, you’ll be amazed at the positive results YOU get.

Let me know how it goes.

Until next Tuesday,


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  • bobBobbbb

    Elizabeth, so on the money as that is exactly how I feel too. While I wait to be caught as an imposter in the room, have to remind myself it has been 35 years and no one has noticed yet. thanks for your insights.

    • elizabeth

      …and they won’t because you aren’t. You are the real deal. Thanks for writing.


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