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I have a drawer, and I bet you do too.  It may be in your kitchen, desk, toolbox or dresser.  That space you mean to clean out and/or organize, but never quite get around to it.  Even you neatniks have a least one place, right?  My messy drawer is the top one in my dresser.  It’s where I keep my jewelry.  I’m not talking diamonds, emeralds and rubies, but those pieces that every woman has: earrings, necklaces, pins, rings, bracelets, the stuff you wear most days.

One day I was looking for a pair of earrings and couldn’t find them.  My wonderful assistant Joni had given me beautiful silver earring for Christmas and I had been wearing them every day.  Yes, I do love them and they were the only pair I could readily lay my hands on!

Okay this is the weekend I’m going to tackle this job.

It went on my weekend list.  The weekend came and went and the drawer remained the same.  The next weekend the same story and so on for a month!  Oh the energy I spent thinking about it, postponing it and feeling guilty about it, would have been enough to do the job several times over.

Then last Sunday dawned too icy to walk outside, other tasks had to be disposed of while we were trapped inside.  It was time.

I sat down with the drawer and started.  I sorted, making piles of necklaces, bracelets and the like.  Then I made a pile of what never belonged, but had crept in – old boarding passes, receipts, the odd trouser sock, safety pins and paper clips.  Then I removed things that were useful, but in the wrong place – pens, business cards, sticky notes, a transit map, a bandana.  By the time I had wiped out the drawer and stowed everything I was ready to get up from the floor.  WOW!  I had done it…mostly.

Still remaining was a tarnished necklace, a mix of U.S. and Canadian coins and an old travel size container with an unknown substance (lotion, shampoo, who knew).  I put those on the kitchen counter.  Then went to enjoy the Sunday paper.  Job done!  Or was it?

As the day wore on, those items sat on the kitchen counter, a silent testimony to incompletion.  That last little bit still hadn’t been dealt with.  In the software business I’d learned that 95% done is still 100% unusable.  And so, I dealt with it.

Once I did, my revelation was this: the struggle frequently is not in the doing, but in the starting and the completing.  If we don’t start or complete something, that task can become more onerous than it deserves to be!

Let me know what you put off starting or completing, so I can cheer you on!

And if you have tips that all of us could benefit from, please share.

Until next Tuesday. YIPPEE!



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