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A generation of older Baby Boomers grew up watching Davy Crockett, the homespun Tennessee backwoodsman.  Mighty feats of daring were attributed to him and no small number of inspiring quotations (worth a read).  One quote that stands out:  Be sure you’re right, then go ahead!

Many people focus on the “being right” part.  Is this the right time to have children, get married/divorced, start a business, seek out a new career?  How do we know what’s right?  What data to take into consideration?  What about our gut (heart, intuition) should they have voices in the decision?

Often we get hung up because we don’t feel sure – are we right, or not?  But in most big decisions you can’t be sure.  Often people spend time going from friend to friend or colleague to colleague, seeking the certainty they can’t find within.  And most of the time the exercise leaves them disappointed and frequently less certain than they were before.

At the end of the day, certainty is illusive, especially in today’s complex world.  And once we accept that, we can move to the second part of Davy Crockett’s wisdom, Go Ahead.

Indecision leaves you stuck, taking action creates more understanding.  Once you have done your best to evaluate the information at hand, check your gut, your intuition, then act, even if the action you take is to decide NOT to pursue a particular course.

So I suggest amending Davy Crockett’s words, even if you can’t be sure, at least make a decision!  And if you decide to take action, GO AHEAD!

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