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Saturday morning dawned gray and foggy, and I got up ready to walk before the rain started.  But first I made the bed, read the paper, put up the hose, watered the plants, cleared out the clutter under my bathroom sink and finally finally grabbed my phone and headed out the door.

Less than 100 yards into it, I felt the first raindrops.  By the time I reached the end of the block, I knew the day was a washout.

I had missed my opportunity to do what I had been dying to do all morning.  And I could hear my Triple J start in: Elizabeth why didn’t you walk first thing?  Why didn’t you take advantage of favorable circumstances?

To avoid missing opportunities and becoming mired in the Triple J, do what my mother always recommended: Make hay while the sun shines!

There are many things that can be done anytime… AND there are a whole host of things that are best done at the “right” time.

Write the note of appreciation while you heart is still filled with gratitude.
Complete the call report or proposal while the details are still clear in your mind.
Follow-up on the offer of an introduction while it’s still fresh.
Take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Shelf life is often limited: Don’t wait!

Make hay while the sun shines or you may not be able to make hay at all.

What’s it time for YOU to do?  Let me know!

Until next Tuesday. YIPPEE!


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  • Ophelia

    I sure know this trap! Thanks, Elizabeth.

    • elizabeth

      Thanks for the comment Ophelia! It can get all of us.

  • Bob Mathews

    Being a skier, I once did not go down a unique trail because it was my first day out and I was being cautious. However the run was closed the rest of the week due to weather. If I see a special run or trail open now, I always take it, and have have had some great once-off experiences as a result. One of the best was hiking up and standing on the tip of the butte at Crested Butte ski area. Awesome.

    • elizabeth

      Bob, YOUR commitment to boldness in many areas of your life – business and otherwise shines through again and again. Thanks for sharing.


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