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Do you want to ask for a raise or a promotion? Do you feel you have earned it?

You are not alone. Recently over 1000 adults were polled by ABC News and over Fifty-five percent of adults younger than 50 are extremely or very interested in getting a pay raise. Read the full article here.

Many people don’t ask for a raise because they don’t know how to talk to their boss about change or they don’t fully understand the value they bring to the company.

Three key things you need to do before negotiating a raise or a promotion:

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. Get Grounded in Your Value
  3. Learn to Make the Case for Change

In the How to Love the Job You Hate video series, Elizabeth Crook, your personal YIPPEE Guide, offers specific exercises that will support you in doing your research and homework, ground you in your value to the company and offer strategies on how to talk to your boss and make the ask for a raise.

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