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The day after Valentine’s Day, a 50-meter meteorite skimmed past the earth, closer than any other in history.  A shock wave, the people in Russian called it.  Reading about the 1200 injured, the 30 million dollars worth of damage, and the wild frightening light, scenes flashed through my head of people running in the streets, women screaming.  Panic.

Meteors in our work lives may be: the office is closing, your job is being eliminated, your spouse has been offered a job in another city. You feel anger, fear, panic.

Scientists tell us that every dayseveral thousand meteors hit the earth.  Most of them are the size of a pebble or smaller.  A few each day may be the size of a golf ball or occasionally the size of a volleyball.  About once a week, the Earth gets hit by a meteor the size of a Corolla, and about four times a year, we get hit by something the size of a garage.  A couple of months ago, that size hit Indonesia and scared the hell out of everyone.  But it didn’t do any damage.

The VAST majority of these burn up completely in the atmosphere – nothing but dust.

It’s good to remember that before you panic: sometimes there really is a meteor, but sometimes the panic of what might happendistracts you from what’s really important.  I notice when I respond to a pebble as if it were a meteor, I tie up a ton of energy.

What’s your meteor RIGHT NOW? What are you worried about for your future?  What is the might happenthat’s keeping you from your yippee?  And how how howcan you tell if it’s a meteor or a pebble?

You can’t.

But by telling yourself some really important messages, you can keep your energy in the right place. Here are some:

  • Think positively it may all be over soon
  • Know you can recover
  • Even if you die, there is probably a really exciting journey ahead
  • The problem might affect others a lot more than you, don’t forget to hike your own hike (see here for more on this)
  • You can’t control everything so just try to brace yourself until it’s over
  • Find a safe space to weather the storm (this may be a meditative place inside)
  • Your Triple Jhas a field day with might happens, don’t let it run away with you
  • You can’t see the effect of something before it happens (it might be the best thing that ever happened to you)
  • Focus on the now rather than an obscure, frightening future
  • Decide you will be okay no matter what
  • Find out the odds, they may be in your favor

Tell yourself positive messages like these and you’ll save yourself energy so you can focus on your true YIPPEE.

What do you tell yourself when you’re panic about might happens?  Tell us so we can use them when we’re scared out of our minds that a giant rock heading straight for us is going to rock our world.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Until next Tuesday.





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