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The Night-Blooming Cereus is a small wonder of nature.  Once a year on a summer’s night it produces a spectacular white blossom with a tantalizing fragrance that lasts only one night.  My first experience with the magic and mystery was as a child in my grandmother’s garden.  The second was many years later when a friend loaned me her plant while she was out of town and it bloomed!

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I received a cutting.  I stuck it in water as directed and was told to let it root, then plant it.  It’s now six months later and it’s still sitting in a glass of water in my kitchen with roots tangled in the water and a big spiky sprout rising from the glass.

This weekend my husband asked, not for the first time, “Are you ever going to plant that?”

“Yes”, I answered somewhat indignantly.  Of course I was going to plant it and I had every intention of doing so, but I hadn’t, even though I was excited about having my own Night-Blooming Cereus.

The story of the Night-Blooming Cereus reminds me of the great ideas we all have.  It could be a big idea like write a book or start a business or a smaller idea like write a blog, hire an assistant or organize your office.  The ideas that sit in plain view, but that we never get around to planting.  Ideas that could produce an amazing magical result but that simply never get what they need to grow.

What keeps us from following through?

  • No urgency or deadline
  • No list of what we need to move forward
  • No clarity about what we can do with it once it it’s done
  • No commitment to have it be “in process” for a year to get results

There are two consequences to taking no action:

  • The daily reminder of my inaction has a negative effect on my view of myself
  • I will never have that magical experience of a Night-Blooming Cereus

Think about an idea you’ve had, but have postponed taking action on.

  • Is this something your REALLY care about?   If you don’t have a reason that you are passionate about, just kill the idea now and stop demoralizing yourself with “someday”.  Use that energy for something you WILL do.  Ask yourself, when completed will I say YIPPEE or is it something I think I SHOULD do?
  •  If you have a reason to do it, then set a date.  When are you going to start?  Remember, anytime is NO TIME.
  • What are the first two or three things you must do to move forward?
  • Are you willing to be successful?  Many times we delay or sabotage because we have beliefs that if we are successful we may . . . fill in the blank (become too big for our own good, attract envy, lose our friends, have to stop complaining).
  • Are you willing to not be successful right away?  Are you willing to deal with “no visible results” for some period of time?

Bottom Line – either plant the idea or stop saying you are going to.  You’ll be happier whatever you decide.

Let me know.  Now I’m going to plant the Night-Blooming Cereus.  Until next Tuesday.





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